Feels like Christmas

Last week I got the Atari 600XL that I bought on the evil auction site, and was pretty happy with it.  But wasn’t a lot I could do with just a few game cartridges I bought from another seller (only 3 of the 6 worked..  see my last post about that rant)

Today the Atari XF551 floppy drive arrived!  🙂


Now I can load and save stuff finally!  First thing I did was make a backup copy of the DOS 2.5 disk.  As I write this, I’m trying to format some old floppies, but but seem to be having some problem and noticed the were the old “Steals” brand.  Steals is a long gone computer chain, kind of like Staples, that sold a LOT of marginal quality computer items.  Thanking about it, it was common to have two or three bad disks straight out of the box when they were new.

So I’m going to have to go find some better 5.25″ disks to use, move their files to modern media if need be.  But a couple disks formatted to Atari DOS ok.  So the next step is to try writing some of the disk images I downloaded to my PC to the Atari formatted disks using an format emulator program I found..

So I’ll see how that goes and post about it later, but for now, my Atari is working, talking DOS and chirping away happily, so I kind of feel like Christmas 🙂





What “untested” really means on ebay

A few days ago, I bought half a dozen Atari computer games on ebay.  The seller said they were in good shape but untested..  They showed up fairly fast, I’ll give them that.  But of the six cartridges, THREE will not load.  Two of those three are the ones I wanted the most.  Very disappointing.


I knew I was taking a risk buying them listed as untested, and it will be the last time I but anything untested, since that appears to really mean ‘they are selling off the junk’…

I’m going to do some more heavy cleaning to the cartridge contacts this weekend on the chance I may be able to revive any of them.


I have yet to leave feedback on ebay about the transaction,  just at this point in tine it appears i flushed half my money, I don’t see leaving positive feedback for sure.  I’ll either not leave feedback on the purchase or neutral and detail why..  Ok, this is just a short post/rant to vent a bit…

Weekend game hunting trip

A few weeks ago I manged to hurt my right arm (while cleaning the 2600 Jr I bought…), and it’s been very slowly recovering, at least I think it is, hard to be sure some days.  The pain has been keeping me from play games on my Atari just because of the stress on the muscles moving the joystick, yes it’s that bad.  So I decided to go hunting paddle based game cartridges.


I had seen an ad for a store out of town about half an hour drive that said they had Atari, and other games.  I tried contacting them for details, but the never answered the email, which was the only contact method in the ad other then the address.  Not a very good way to do business..  But last saturday I decided to give it a go.

It was bit rainy, but that doesn’t bother me, however on the drive there I did see a suv on it’s roof in the ditch and cops all over.

So I found the store with no problem, and there was in fact some Atari stuff there, but mostly it was other older console stuff.  So I when though the single box of Atari games they had and found a couple paddle games on my want list, and six others that were joystick games but worth getting to play later.  I left a few games behind that I would have liked to have bought, but they were in such poor condition I figured I could wait until I find better cartridges.

I also spotted a Slik Stik joystick among the handful of controllers they had and got it also.  I figured I may has well make the trip worth while and worth the gas I used getting there.

I cleaned them all up on sunday, some of the cartridges were worse then others, but all worked.  So overall, I count the trip a success.  But I have no plans on making the trip again.

Eight games, one  joystick, and most importantly, got home safely.  Only two were for paddles, but now I have some games I can manage with my sort arm 🙂   My best score in Astroblast so far is 330, probably not earth shattering, but it got me going again 🙂