TYCO 440×2 Slot Car tear-down and upgrade adventure

Even though the parts got here a month or so ago, today I finally decided to put the new magnets in one of my Tyco 440×2 cars..  it was… an adventure…

First I had to figure out how to get at them, and my conclusion was the motors had to come out, and all the bits connected to it..  I see the one of the magnets had a red dot and the other a white dot, not sure what the mean, I put the one with the red in the right side thinking right for red.  Then the one end of the motor mount slid off, and in the process of putting it back in, broke one of the brushes..  So i took both brush holders out and then put the end back on, but before I could get to the brushes again, I felt the tiny tap on my foot of a brush spring falling to the floor.  All I can say is thank God for super bright LED flashlights.  the broken brush is riding in the brush-holder and is staying in place..

So on to putting the motor back in the frame, and i of course got both pickup springs backwards and bent, so I had to put the more out again and fix them..  Then final got the pickups and drive tires back on, and surprise, it still actually runs

I also put on new jel craw tires.  Over all it is a bit faster, but not anything amazing and when it breaks free in a corner it real goes flying now.  But it was a adventure.    I can see putting better tires on my other cars, but probably not the magnets, I was kind of hoping for foot to the fire wall in the corners, but that didn’t happens, but i  can do the corners faster.  I know then next time I order parts I should get new springs and brushes for it,, and probably lost of spares.

So that’s my babbling share for today.  How did your first magnet install/tear down go?


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