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What happened to bumper stickers?

Has anybody beside me notice you don’t see many bumper stickers on cars these day?  As a kid in the 1970s and 1980s, I use to love reading bumper stickers on cars.  and put a few on my mother’s car too. (with her approval of course)  They were a record of what people enjoyed, where they’ve traveled and just silly thoughts.  Little colorful personal billboards for all to see.  Some times cover the entire back end of cars.

I personally haven’t had a bumper sticker on my car for about a decade.  The last was a Christian religious (It read “Know Jesus Know Peace”) bumper sticker my mother bought.   We eventually took it off after an incident in a parking lot where an indian woman physically attack my car (my mother was with me at the time), pounding on the wind shield.  My mother figured it had to do with the Christian sticker and wanted it removed.  Needless to say it was an upsetting event for both of us.

But why did people stop putting them on their cars?  Surely most people weren’t faced with some nut case like we were.  Cars today are so dull and boring, they could use some bumper stickers to brighten them up!  I got thinking about this a few days ago when I found a un-used bumper sticker from my favorite radio station growing up.  And even though I’m out of range of  that station where I live now, guess where it’s going soon?  On the back of my Pontiac!  And I will add more as I find stuff I like.





Saga of my Atari 2600 Jr continues

As I reported in my last post, the Atari 2600 Jr I recently bought was working ok, but after it sat a while, the power switch got a bit flaky again.  I’m guessing there was some contact cleaner still in it at first that helped make it work right.  But after sitting over night it had become stiff again and I had to fiddle with it a bit to get it to turn on.


So I decided to replace the switch completely,  the 2-3 channel switch is also a bit suspect.  Even though I could just solder a permanent jump for channel 3, I decided to replace it also.  Then came the fun part, trying to find the switches.  So I looked on feebay, no exact match, but a few close ones from China, but I also know the quality of stuff like that is questionable.  So I spent 3 hours looking through the specs of most every slide switch sold on a major parts supplier.  And finally found switches that match both the power and channel switches:)  I just finished ordering them and should have them in a day or two if they send them as fast as they did with my last order of parts for a ham, radio project I was building.


So in a few days I should have the 2600 Jr restored.  I’m debating replacing the old 3.5mm power jack with a more modern coaxial power connector more commonly used today.  Not that the current jack is bad, just that the coaxial design doesn’t short the power supply when it’s plunged in or unpluged from the console.  I don’t have an original power supply for it, so it’s not like I’m cutting of an original plug.  I’m a bit torn between keeping it as original as possible and a bit of an update.   There’s also the fake those power supplies with 3.5mm (1/8 inch) plugs could accidentally be plugged in to an audio jack on a radio or sound card and that could be very bad.  So not having that around might be good.  Also, keep in mind I also plane on do a composite  video output mod to it also in time.  And leave Atari 2600 6-switch (light) un-modded.