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yes, I’m still alive…

Ok, I know I haven’t posted on here in ages, so I’m doing a quick post just to do it.  So why haven’t I been posting?  Back in April I hurt my arm cleaning an 2600 Jr.  I know that sounds weird, it needed heavy duty cleaning due to the abuse from it’s previous owner, and I literately had to take it apart and scrub it out and in the process I had to wash the main board with dish soap and water and shook the water off, and some how in the process pulled, ripped or whatever something in my right arm.  I’ve pretty much been in pain from that ever since.  It improved a bit but seems to get worse when i use my arm too much, including using Atari joystick 😦   I have been to the doctor about it, and was suppose to be referred to a specialist for tests, but for what ever reason that never happened.  And last I called the doc’s office they couldn’t give me a reason why…

So the repair and cleaning that 2600 Jr,  really messed me up and  made it hard at best to do anything on the Atari that uses a joystick.  I do have some paddle games to play, but it took the fun out of it.  Right now I’m getting back in to flight sims on the PC and just got a yoke for that instead of using a joystick.  So maybe I’ll start posting about flight sims..  Who knows..

I plan on keeping my Atari stuff.. I have some nice games in my collection, and it’s not like there’s a huge dollar value there that I can’t afford to keep them.  I tried to get more active on the ham radio again, but just came to the conclusion it’s just not my priority and not a good fit for me.

I use to be really into flights sims ten years of so ago, I even went as far as to take some real flying lessons.  I have a copy of Flight Simulator Gold ordered and hoping it’ll show up soon.  So that’s a semi brief what’s going on..




Triple Blast from the Past

While laying down a while ago giving my sore arm a rest, been hurting a week now, I got thinking about old Atari stuff and recalled I had and old Antic magazine in a box I seen a while back.  So I got up and did a quick look for it.

Surprisingly my memory seems to work some days, and in very good condition, the October 1988 issue on Antic magazine!  YAY!  But not only that, I found an store promo ad for an Atari PC, and the topper, the original owner’s manual for my old Atari 2600 I had way back then, also in very good shape!


What can I say, but glad I found these three gems safe in a box of old papers and books, also found the manuals for my TRS-80 model 1, and Texas Instruments TI-57.  But left them in the box, the Atari papers on on my other desk, and will fine a nice safe place for them later.  The only surprise was the manual for the 2600 was for a 4-switch, and for some reason I thought it was a 6 switch I had before.  But I have a 6 switch now:)  My arm still hurts, but I’m in a better mood now at least.